Monday, July 19, 2010

Crafty Weekend

On Saturday while Mr. P was at work, I spent my morning singing at the top of my lungs to Michael Jackson's Dangerous CD and sewing my life away making this:


I made this bag for my partner on Swab-Bot for the "Make me a Handmade Tote Swap". I had so much fun making it and loved how it turned out, that I signed up for another handmade tote swap.

After that it was off to make a "Handmade Bookmark". My partner loves Hello Kitty. So I only thought it appropriate to make her a Hello Kitty bookmark. I added silver embossed stars, then I reinforced the bookmark by adding as a backing a pretty cloud scrap booking paper. To protect the bookmark since it was made from card stock, I put it in a plastic holder. I used a star shaped hole puncher to add a hole to the top of the plastic holder, got some pretty blue jewelry thread, added a pretty pink bead and hung it from the hole.



These final 2 packages also went off to new homes. I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures of what I put in them.

I mailed off everything today. I am pretty sure the bag and the last two envelopes will get to their new homes quickly. The bookmark I am not so sure how long it will take to arrive to it's new home, since it is going to Canada. I just hope they all liked what I sent. I put a lot of thought and love into everything.

Today, I also received quiet a bit of mail. But like a little kid, I was too excited and started playing with everything I got and forgot to take pictures. But I did snap a quick picture of a postcard that I received so that I can show Mr. P, since it never made it home because as soon as I saw it I posted it on my bulletin board in my office. It was a huge hit with the people in my office.

Isn't it funny?
He really does look like he is saying hi! It had me cracking up for a good hour!

I had such a great and relaxing weekend. It was just what I needed after such a rough week. I was sad for it to come to such a quick end.

How was your weekend?

Ciao!! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


Lillian Funny Face said...

Lovely stuff! The bag is just great, lovely fabric! :D

Dissolved Girl said...


~TrainMama~ said...

I love the Hello Kitty Book mark!!! The Lisa Frank stickers were cute too :)

Zilliah said...

I love the spotted fabric you used for the bag!

swapbot: zilliah

Jessica said...

Love that bag.

Jessica (J3ss1ca: Swap-Bot)