Saturday, August 8, 2009

Target's up coming Designer Collaborations

What does Target, Laura Mulleavy and Kate Mulleavy have in common? Target Go International.

Yes, ladies and gents the sisters that make up the fashion label Rodarte will be teaming with Target to collaborate on a collection that is slated to drop in stores and online right in time for the Christmas Season. The collection will consist of 55 pieces, with prices ranging between $9.99 to $79.99.

I am trying to keep myself together and not go absolutely crazy with anticipation for the release of this collaboration, being that the Alexander McQueen collaboration with Target was a HUGE disappointment. I was so disappointed that I totally snoozed on the Tracy Feith collaboration.

I will not hold my breath thought I must admit I am a little excited. I think what will set the mood for me is when I see Anna Sui's collection when it hits Target on September 13th. Anna Sui's designs are to die for. Fun, girlie, a little sweet, a little bitter and even a little rock and roll. All my favorite design elements rolled into one. Can you tell I am a little excited for this too? I only hope I do not crash and burn again. *SIGH*

I leave you with some Rodarte and Anne Sui goodness.

Rodarte Fall RTW 2009:

Love it all! Can I please have one of each?

Anna Sui Fall RTW 2009:

Maybe if I wish for it hard enough I will find these pieces in my closet when I wake up in the morning?

Do you think the Target collaborations will be a hit or miss? Which one are you looking forward to?

By the way, the Rodarte collection for Target will hit stores and online on December 20th.

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl

* All picture's credited to Style.

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