Sunday, March 8, 2009

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I finally feel human. I was able to crawl out of the bat cave and breath semi fresh air. I am excited that I was able to head out this weekend because the weather was perfect here in good old DC. It was not cold and the sun was tucked inside the clouds. If only it would always be this way. Yes, I am a vampire. The sun and I do not mix, which my family and friends find funny since I used to spend a lot of my summers in the Caribbean.

Anyway, the first place I wanted to go to was Tyson's Corner Mall to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. When we arrived Mr. P and I went into Barnes and Noble to buy some refreshments and while I was standing in line look at what I saw:

After my post about those disastrous boots, I could not help but take out my camera and take a picture. I was going to say something to the poor girl about her fashion mishap but when she turned around and I took a better look at what she was wearing I decided that the girl needed more help then just a couple of minutes of wisdom so I decided to leave that alone.

After we had our refreshments we started strolling around the mall and we entered Kenneth Cole. I started squealing like a little girl when I noticed that they were having a 50% sale on their shoes. As I was looking at the shoes, I noticed these pair:

Which reminded me of this post “I Spy with my Shoe Eye”. In the post I said that I would have settled for the Aldo shoes at $110 but the Kenneth Cole shoes were $50; so guess which I settled for? Well, I thought I had a winner but after asking for help and a twenty-minute wait for the lady to come back, I learned that they did not have my size. I then had the clerk look at other stores and they also did not have my size. I figured it was just not meant to be. I will settle back for the Aldo shoes.

We then went to Bakers where I found a cute wool hat on sale for $10 from $22. Then we went to Sephora where I went to raid the Make-Up Forever section but others beat me to it, it was completely bare. I settled for a new eyebrow comb that I was in desperate need for and more Rosebud Slave, that I believe no one can ever have enough of. I also bought an Art Deco nail polish in white at some random accessory store.

On our way back to the car we passed by one of my favorite furniture stores that had a living room set that I had been drooling over but I was suffering from sticker shock and never purchased. Well, the store fell victim to the economy because they are having a going out of business sale. So of course I rushed in to see if my living room set was still there and to see what mark down it had, well, it was gone! All that was left was the chair. I am so sad. Lets have a moment of silence to the living room furniture that could have been mine:

That was the end of our Saturday adventure.

Today we headed out again and this time we went to Best Buy to look for a new digital camera for me and we were having no luck today with customer service. So we ended not getting me any new gadgets but I did come out with Gossip Girl Season One on sale for $20 from $70.

We then went to Target because I wanted to see the McQueen collection up close and personal. It was so sad. Not worth the price. The clothes are so cheaply made; I saw strands of thread coming from the seams. The material also felt stiff. So darlings if you want McQueen gear please just save your penny’s and buy the real thing because the Target stuff is a wreak of a collection. Here is one of the outfits:

Moving on to other things. Now that I am better I will be heading back to work tomorrow. I am really not looking forward to it but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I will also go back to posting just once a day. Last week you guys got up to three posts a day from me since I was in bed with nothing else better to do.

I have also decided that I will not post anything else about Fashion week. Seriously, I have other things that I want to blog to you guys about. You can always go to Style or NYMag and get your fashion week fill there.

Well I have rambled enough, hmm? I better get myself off this computer and be productive around the apartment.

Until next time, Ciao!! Xoxo

~Dissolved Girl

My goodies from this weekend:

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