Friday, March 28, 2008

April issue of Vogue Magazine

A couple of days ago I received my April issue of Vogue; I looked at the cover, flipped through it really fast and put it on my nightstand. You see I do not read my magazines right away. I pill them on my night stand and Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee I sit up in bed and read all of them cover to cover. That is my Sunday morning ritual.

On the cover of this month’s Vogue they have LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen. I did not care that he was on the cover because I did not know who he was, I just figured he was an athlete and of course I knew who Gisele was, I do think she is pretty but she does not really do anything for me. What did come to mind was “Man, I may be wrong but this is the first time Vogue has a black man on their cover. How cool is that?!?!” Then my next thought was that the picture was cute and funny. Well, today while I am having breakfast I log on to yahoo to read up on some news/gossip and I see this article: so instantly I am like “What now?” As I read the article I start to get upset. Leave it to the media to read too much into something and start to put things into people’s head. Right away they think that it has to do with race. People, WAKE THE FUCK UP!! Not everything is about white and black, not everything is about putting the black man down. Can we please MOVE ON?! Can you stop living in this bubble that everyone is out to get you because you are black and see that no one GIVES A SHIT! You are so self absorbed in your pathetic little life that you start screaming racism about every little thing. I am sick and tired of it.

I love how at the end of the article it says and I quote “If more people of color worked for Vogue in positions of editorial authority, perhaps someone in the room might have been able to read the image the way so many of us are reading it now, and had the power to do something about it.” No darling the majority of the people do not think as you do. You and the rest of the cry babies that want some attention and have the connections to get yourself published are the people that are reacting this way, and what the hell is a magazine analyst?? Is this one of the many made up professions that have popped up in recent years for people that failed at whatever they wanted to be in life?

When are we going to grow up? When are we going to be ok to see a black man and a white woman together or vise versa and not play the racial card? Please tell me what do you want me to do so that you can stop this insanity? I will do everything in my power to lobby for you to get what you want so that you can stop crying racism every time you see something that you do not like. Can we please move on? Can you please worry about the children that are being killed by asshole father’s because the kid broke his xbox? (see this story for further details: ) Instead of what a fashion magazine publishes on the cover? Can we worry about the men and women that are dying everyday overseas fighting a stupid war that we should not have even started? Can you please use your connections to make a positive difference in this world? There are a lot more important things going on everyday that we should be worrying about, then a stupid magazine cover and reading more into it then what was intended to begin with. Actually you should have been celebrating that finally a magazine that is ran by mostly white people is putting a black man on its cover when it had never in it’s years of being around done such a thing. You should be proud that this person has so much influence that it can break through and be a beautiful, black man on the cover of a predominantly white magazine.

So fuck off and go do something useful with your life and stop crying like a child. Your cries are getting old and we are getting tired.

Ciao!! xoxo

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