Thursday, March 27, 2008

12 tips to maintaining healthy hair

A lot of my friends are always asking me for tips on how I maintain my hair so nice. Especially with the fact that I am forever dying it and I love to wear wigs and hair pieces. So I decided to post a blog on a few tips to help you maintain your hair because we can all have FABULOUS hair!

1) Don't use too much shampoo at one time. Put a quarter size amount in your palm, rub with your hands and make a lather, then begin to lather it in your hair.

2) Make sure you get your hair thoroughly wet before applying shampoo.

3) When you are shampooing, make sure you gently rub your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) to clean it. Using your fingertips will massage your scalp and help with blood flow, using your nails even though it might feel good will only irritate the scalp, can cause skin and folicule breakage.

4) You should always brush your hair before shampooing to remove tangles. Always start from the bottom up to avoid hair breakage when untangling hair.

5) Always use a conditioner. There is a conditioner out there for EVERY type of hair. Never skip this step. You need to use a conditioner to put back into your hair what shampoo took away also to bring back balance to the hair that water took away.

6) Always use a wide tooth comb to comb out wet hair. Try to use a detangler when you comb out your hair after washing.

7) You should never wrap your hair in a towel after shampooing. It will draw too much moisture out of your hair and make it tangled and frizzy. Instead, rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing/conditioning; squeeze the excess water from your hair. Using your hand, or shaking your head, loosen your hair up a little, and by starting at the bottom of your hair, brush with a WIDE TOOTH COMB. Never brush wet hair with a brush – always use a wide tooth comb. Hair is at it's most fragile state when is wet and it will not only cause breakage it will cause it to frizz.

8) After combing your hair spray a light leave in conditioner.

9) Try to limit how much you wash your hair. I wash my hair 1 to 2 times a week.

10) Do a deep conditioner on your hair. If you have normal, healthy hair that has not been mistreated by color, relaxers, etc you should do a deep conditioning at least once a month. For hair that is in good condition but has had some work to it you should do a deep conditioner at least once every other week and if you have damaged, chemically altered hair and mistreated you should at least do a deep conditioner once a week. There are a number of deep conditioners in your local beauty supply.

11) When drying your hair try not to put too much direct heat ALL the time on your hair such as blow dryers. Try giving your hair a break and do a roller set. Never leave your hair completely wet or put your hair up in a ponytail with your hair wet all the time it can and will eventually create mold in your scalp and trust me it is GROSS and something you do not want to deal with. I have ran into a lot of heads with mold in them because of this. Also your hair will stink like mildew. You can use a diffuser on your blow dryer in low to medium setting to dry your hair and it will be very easy on it. ALWAYS use a heat protecting hair product on your hair. Never dry your hair with out it. It will only dry out your hair, take away its shine and make it frizzy.

12) Get your hair trimmed about every 6 weeks. Helps the hair stay/look healthy and grow better.

I hope this advice helps you all to have fabulous hair all the time.If you have any questions, would like product suggestions for your type hair or your own hair tip that you would like to add feel free to post a comment or send me a message.

Ciao!! xoxo

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