Monday, November 16, 2009

My Closet

A while back I posted about decorating my bedroom. I have not had the time and to be honest we have not even been sleeping in the bedroom. Why? Because it has been to darn hot! We have been sleeping on our blow up bed in the living room, with the patio door open in the hopes of getting a cross breeze.

Yes, yes, we are already in November and it should not be so hot. But it honestly feels like we are sitting in Hades.

But I have not forgotten and with us planning on moving in the very near future I have decided to start with organizing my closet.

This is the current state of my closet:

It does not look horribly bad but it can be so much better.

First order of business would be to take all the clothing that are currently too small and putting them in a storage bin. Like this one:Target storage box $49.99
Now you are thinking that I should be getting rid of the clothes, not hoarding these things. But with the fact that I am currently losing weight (update on my weight tomorrow), I think I should keep these clothes till I reach my goal weight.

I will be getting rid of clothing that is too big on me, since I will never, ever be wearing them again.

Next will be buying two of these:

Axis Imex 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer from Target $34.99

One will be for my sweaters and t-shirts. The second one will be for my jeans. Once each organizer unit is full, whatever is left over will be sent to the Salvation Army.

As for my shoes, I will be storing them in these shoe boxes:

Ikea Komplement shoe boxes: 4 for $9.99
These boxes are awesome! They have a clear window that lets you see what is inside. The same window that you can look into flips open so that you can take your shoes out without having to move any boxes around. I bought two packs of them and the area where I put them is the most organized area in my closet. I will be getting more.

I will also be getting new hangers. It would be nice to have them all in one color. I will also be using the top shelve of my closet that should be empty once I remove the sweaters and t-shirts and will use it to store the purses that are currently stored in a laundry basket on the floor.

So what do you think? Any ideas?

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl

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