Friday, April 17, 2009

Apartment Decorating: The Bedroom - Part One

I am a little bit tired of how everything is looking in our apartment. So I have decided to make some decor changes. There is not much that I can do, since we do live in an apartment and we are not allowed to paint or do any other big cosmetic changes but at least there are other ways I can make a change with out doing anything that would get me in trouble with the management office or breaking the bank.

So I am going to start my redecoration project with the bedroom.

Problem: My closet is a mess, my vanity area does not look much better. We have no curtains on the windows and the walls for the most part are bare. Also, Mr. P's side of the bed needs a bedside table. Right now he has to put all his stuff on the floor because I high jacked the table he used to have.

Solution: Make curtains, buy new bedding, buy a new side table for Mr.P, refinish my side table, add picture's to the wall, clean up and re-organize my closet and vanity area, and add some color to the bedroom.

So here is my plan:

When I lived at home I had a black chandelier in my bedroom. I had begged for one for three years and finally on my 16th birthday when I came home from school I had this great black iron chandelier in my room. It was fantastic. It was not very big but it was perfect. I still love the idea of having a chandelier in the room. Since I cannot have one in my apartment, I can have a decal of one. I found this decal on Etsy for $30. I am thinking of putting it on the wall over the bed. What do you guys think of it?

I also found another one that says "Get Naked". I am sure Mr. P would like that one better, LOL. But this is my project, so I am putting what I want. hehehe....

This table I found on the Ikea website for $15. This table would be perfect, enough space to put all his stuff and it satisfies my crafting side because I will be able to paint it in whatever color I want. I will be staining the wood red, I already have the stain so I do not have to spend extra money on that. Also, you cannot beat the price.

This duvet set I found on the Ikea website for $20. It is in my favorite color and the price is just right for a queen size Duvet and two pillow cases.

I did not find the curtain fabric I was looking for online, so I will be heading to the fabric store to hunt for it. I have to measure the windows to see how much fabric I need and then check out the prices.

That is about it. What do you think? I only have time to work on this on the weekends. So while Mr. P studies for his test, I will be busy at work with our bedroom.

So far the tally for the room make over is $75. With the decal being the most expensive thing. I may change my mind on the decal and paint my own painting to hang over the bed. Which thinking about it now I am liking that idea much better and it will bring the price total down.

I am starting this weekend with my closet. I will post the before and after picture's when the whole project is complete.

Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl


Karen said...

that looks so awesome, some great ideas
the chandelier thing will look great!

M.Kerkmann said...

I like it! It sounds like a better deal to make your own painting, instead of the decal. :) That way it's something you did, and something you can be proud of.

And I'm jealous of your duvet cover, J wants one, so I might be headed down that road soon. :)