Thursday, October 15, 2009

I spy with My Shoe Eye: Miu Miu Spring 2010 - A Love Letter

Dear Miu Miu,

I love your Spring 2010 shoes. They make my heart sing, my stomach tingle and a rush run through my body. We must be kindred spirits because I can totally see myself wearing them, you have done no wrong in the design of these shoes.

I will save all my penny's to get me one. I will have one.

I love you, xoxo

Dissolved Girl

PS: Miuccia, you did so well with the shoes for Miu Miu. What happened to the shoes for Prada? That Velcro on the shoes looks like a nasty band aid. Not very attractive. I still want the Spat boots from SS/08, if you send me a pair in a size 9 I will forgive you for that slip and give you my first born. If you do not want my first born we can negotiate on other terms of payment that is not monetary. Thank you! :-)


Meandering Mel said...

Hahaha, you're first born. LOL!

I don't really like the top pair, but I LOVE the black ones. They're damn cute. :)

Dissolved Girl said...

My favorite pair are also the black shoes. :)