Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year for Halloween Mr. P and I will be partying with Cypress Hill at the 9:30 Club.

I am super excited and cannot wait. They will also have a costume contest, the first prize winner will get free tickets to all the shows 9:30 will hold for the rest of the year. That means when I win (yes, I will win. My costume is that awesome.), I will be able to see Blue October again, even catch Devo and relive the 80's if I so wish.

Here is a piece of the costume I will be wearing this year:

This is a handmade leather mask that I fell in love with and decided that I needed my costume to revolve around it.

I will reveal the rest on Halloween.

What will you be doing for Halloween?

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


Yumeko said...

omg i so wana know wat u are dressing up as

and cypress hill! take tons of pics!

Meandering Mel said...

Awwwesome!!! That sounds like a ton of fun. :)

And I love your mask. I need a better mask for my costume...