Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men, the start of a new addiction?

I am home today dealing with a massive migraine. It hit me last night and has basically kept me bed ridden all morning. I finally dragged myself to our couch and continued to catch up on watching all the shows I have recorded on the DVR.

While laying in my death bed I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about Mad Men. I have heard of the show but never watched it. He thinks that I will enjoy it especially the costumes used on the show. I started doing a bit of online research before I add another show to my line up on the DVR.

While doing my research I found this article about this little boy: His name is Arlo Weiner and he is the very stylish eight year old son of Matt Weiner the creator of Mad Men.

He is fabulous. I mean really, I love this little boy's fashion sense. I wish we were related, I would have him pick my clothes every day.

Look at his red ascot! Really! I just love it all. If in another alternate universe I have a child, I want a little boy just like him.

What do you think? Isn't he lovely?

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


Yumeko said...

wow he's such a good dresser!!

Meandering Mel said...

Damn. Another guy out there with better fashion sense than me. And he's not even 10!

I fail.