Friday, July 31, 2009

Rockport Shoes

Today is Mr. P's birthday and one of his presents for him from me were a pair of shoes.

We first went to Kenneth Cole and we did not find anything to his liking. Actually, he found one pair but they were not comfortable. So we decided to head on over to Nordstroms to see if we could find anything there. On the way to Nordstroms we passed by the Rockport store and thought "Why not, I know he likes the shoes, maybe they have something nice".

Well we did find a pair of shoes for him, he picked these shoes but in black:

I was impressed by the new styles they had and loved the shoes that Mr. P picked.

While we waited for the nice sales man to find Mr.P's size I decided to browse around the store and I found these:

I never thought I would ever own a pair of Rockport shoes. I always thought of my grandmother when I saw their shoes and the last thing I wanted was to look like her.

But the colors drew me in and when I saw the price I just had to try them on. So the nice magical sales man went off to find the shoes in my size. When he came back with the grey box, I took them out and slipped the shoes on.

Ladies, I found my summer sandal! Yes, after a few blog posts, several mall trips, countless hours searching the internet. I found my summer sandal. Now I know what you are all thinking "But Dissolved Girl, the summer is almost over!" I know! I understand BUT I still have 2 glorious months of summer sandal wonderland and not only will I enjoy the hell out of those shoes my feet will love me for the nice soft pillows I have given them to walk on.

I highly recommend for you to run to your nearest Rockport store (they are cheaper at the store then on their website) and pick these puppies up. Your feet will thank you.

Ciao!! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl

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