Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Mr. P and I had a whole plan for Saturday. We were going to wake up early go to the Botanical Gardens then go have an oink fest at BD's Mongolian Barbeque Grill. But our bodies had other plans. We slept our day away and now we find ourselves at Barnes and Noble continuing on our lazy day. Mr. P reading a book and me catching up on blogging, that I have shamelessly neglected.

It is funny how every time we attempt to make plans we end up doing something else. I am not complaining. I can actually go back home and jump in bed. Our work weeks are hard enough on us as it is I do not want for our weekends to be just as hard. So I try my hardest to listen to what my body wants on the weekends. So if the body wants to sleep and be lazy that is what it gets.

Another thing that had dawned on me is how I spend my lazy days. A lazy day for me was strolling around the mall, maybe picking up a shoe or two. Now every time I think of a lazy days what I am doing now is what comes to mind. Do not get me wrong, I still love to shop but instead of shopping for my clothes, I want to make my clothes.

We went to G Street Fabrics today to take a look at dress forms. I decided against getting one there because they look to be the same quality as others I have seen online at a much higher price. But since I was already there I decided to go look at the discount fabric table and I found this great dark fabric with pinstripes and thought "I can make Mr. P a pair of slacks with this", So off I ran to the pattern room and I found this fabulous pants pattern:

I also found a great pattern of a high waisted pencil skirt for myself:

Aren't those slacks and skirt great? I cannot wait to get home and turn on my sewing machine!

It is also great that I spent under 30 bucks on two patterns and 5 yards of fabric. As we all know that is a steal since a pair of nice men's trousers cost an arm and a leg. I will show you guys the final project once I am done.

Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl

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