Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it a sign?

This morning I woke up early, watched an episode of 24, had breakfast and then got ready to start my day of errands. After I am done dressing and putting on my face. I look at myself in the mirror and I am happy. I am one size smaller, my skin is not freaking out and it is nice enough for me to wear my cute purple and star top that my friend's mom got for me when I was in Florida on vacation.

So I decide "I am going to do my first FOTD and outfit of the day. Not my once in a while snapshot. I like how I look." I dig in my purse, take out my precious camera, stand in front of the mirror, then I point and shot. Easy, right? So I thought. I look at the preview and it says "Error". That has never happened before. So I tried again and again I get the "Error" message. I start to panic. I run out of the room and find Mr. P to show him that there is something wrong with my bulky, old, four going on a hundred year old point and shot that I love so much. He thinks is just that the memory card has busted. So he tries one of his other cards, pops it in. When he turns it on, the forsaken "Error" message comes up.

My friends, I must say my camera has gone to a better place. A moment of silence to my trusty friend that over the years has taken great videos such as this and even great pictures. I will miss it.

So Mr. P sets out to find me a new camera and we find out that none of the new camera's take the Compact Flash cards any more. which translates to: I can no longer take one of his cards when I cannot find mine or if I want a higher capacity one. Oh well. I just know I want one similar to what I had. So he found my old camera's upgrade.

Satisfied with the camera we set out to Bestbuy to purchase it. Now that we have taken care of that I start to think about what happened this morning. For those that have been reading my blog for a while and read the 25 things about me, know very well that I do not like to be photographed (see # 22).

Then the day that I finally decide to take a photo my camera breaks down. Are the gods trying to tell me something?

Maybe my irrational thought of me looking like one of Diane's subjects is not really irrational? hmmm?

Well, at least I got a shiny new camera out of this. That I like very much. So now you all will get better photos coming from me. Not slightly blurred pictures because I cannot stay still long enough to take a simple picture.

That is all. Ciao! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl

* Pictures from: Best Buy and Flickr.

P.S: If you have read this far, just wanted to let you all know that I was mostly joking. I do not think I am ugly but I do think I look like one of Diane's subjects in picture's.

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