Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coraline 3D

I had a great weekend. I went on Friday to see Coraline 3D and I must say I loved the movie. They did a great job translating the book into film. There was not a lot of 3D effects but what they did have was awesome. I already cannot wait till it comes out on DVD. I believe this is the last week that it will be playing in 3D so if you have not seen it and want to check it out go now! Now on to pictures from that night. Enjoy!

The Make-up:

The Hair:

The Dress:

My boots and Stockings:

Us being silly in our 3D glasses:

And as a bonus if you go to the Coraline website you can give yourself button eyes and be the other daughter! I took my picture from halloween and added the buttons.

Until next time, Ciao!! xoxoxo

~Dissolved Girl

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