Monday, March 23, 2009

Food, Jewelry and Nice Days

This weekend was a beautiful weekend and I got to enjoy some of it even if it was while I was running around doing errands or replacing a broken camera.

I also started a blog just for my jewelry. Please take a minute, visit it and tell me what you think. Click Here.

Last night I did some serious cooking. With my Econo Chic post about Asian food and then Pink's post on her steamed Shrimp and Tofu, I was really wanting some home made Asian goodness. I made Vegetable, Tofu and Shrimp Stir-fry, Homemade Crab meat wonton and Pink's steamed Shrimp and Tofu. To wash it all down we had some Yuengling beer and for dessert a Klondike bar.

Man, was the food good! I will have to do it again sometime.

So what did you guys do this weekend?

Ciao! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl


M.Kerkmann said...

We didn't do a whole lot. I just started a job demo-ing a salad dressing for a guy that I used to waitress for. So, basically I was standing in a grocery store for 6-7 hours passing out samples. Yes, I was a sample lady this weekend. It was fun, but it totally killed my weekend. Saturday night, I ended up getting druuuuunk! ;) Been a while since I did that, and spent all day Sunday paying for it (while the roomies went out fishing!)

The weather here was crappy, and it rained all day yesterday, and even snowed again. Just glad the snow only stuck to the grass, so that the sidewalks are clear.

Looks like it's gonna be chilllllly today. Aka - perfect day to sit home on the couch and watch Garden State!

M.Kerkmann said...

I just looked at Pink's post, and although I'm not a huge fan of tofu, I think I want to try it. Not sure if the guys would be into it, but in my opinion, F* them. I want to try new recipes. :)

Lulu J said...

Girl we are in the same boat, Cooking all week saving that money. For get TGIF's and Ruby Tuesdays. Its Lulu M,T,W,Th,Fri,sat,sun! hahaha I do miss Chino's tho, I need a Wok!

Karen said...

your post is making me hungry!!
thanks for following my blog!
- Karen