Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking forward…

On the 14th of February my blog became two years old. It has been a fun ride. But while I have always blogged about everything that I enjoy, there has never been a real structure to my blog. I always thought that the day I put too many rules on myself is the day that this starts to feel like “work” and not something I do for fun.

I decided not to post anything over the weekend. I wanted to spend a little bit of time reading my posts from the past two years and do some thinking about what to do about this little space. While a lot of things have stayed the same, there are some things that have fallen off the map. Not on purpose, it just happened. So I started to think that a little bit of structure here would be a good thing. It would keep me on task; things would not fall of the grid, it would make things a little bit more cohesive and not be all over the place.

So I am going to make some changes, which I will share with you as I execute them on my end. But in the mean time I want to hear from you guys. While I primarily ramble about the things I enjoy/like (of course that will not change), I do not want to bore you guys to death. I would like to get some feedback from you guys. What would you like to see here? What do you want me to blog more about? What would you like me to not blog about? Or are you fine with my ramblings?

Good or bad, bring it on. I would love to know what you think. Just remember to be respectful about it (not that I have to worry about that with you guys. But I still need to say it.).
I am also working on my second giveaway. I will have a post about it this week. So look out for it.

Ciao!! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


Andrea said...

It would be awesome to see more of your sewing. The nail polish and makeup posts are also some of my faves. Happy blog b-day!

Meandering Mel said...

I love your nailpolish posts. :) I agree with Andrea. I want to see more of your sewing projects. :)