Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am Sorry

I have been a bad blogger this month and for this I apologize. This month has been really rough for me. My job has given me a beating emotionally that has been very hard to get out off.

I am so glad that I have positive people in my life and that I have managed to get all the negative people out of it. I am also glad that I have Mr. P around. Not only is he a great boyfriend, he is a great friend and he makes life so much more fun.

My main goal for 2010 is to make my professional life as pleasant as my personal life. I am not looking for perfection because nothing is ever 100% perfect. But I would like to be able to go to work and not feel like I am going in for my death sentence.

I have a few days off from work so I will take advantage and update this poor neglected blog. :-)

Ciao! xoxo
~ Dissolved Girl

PS: How was your Christmas?


Persequi said...

Working on the mic for your nasty surprise yesterday...teeheehee...

Meandering Mel said...

Christmas... was.... interesting, to say the least. :) Hahaha.

I've missed you, and hope you get back to being here regularly. And I'm sorry to hear that work sucks. I hope you find a way to make it better! *hugs*