Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Want instant fame without doing anything useful for society?

Impregnate the daughter of a political figure, maybe a Presidential hopeful or a Vice-Presidential hopeful. If you are a female get pregnant by the son.

Seriously, that is all. If you do not believe me Google Levi Johnston.

What a worthless sack of trash. His bodyguard (why the hell does he need a bodyguard?) is just as worthless, or better yet he is a complete moron. I found it funny how in one of the interviews the bodyguard kept on calling the Mandarin Orient in NYC “The Madeleine”. I felt my IQ dropping while reading the article. I had to stop reading it.

Why am I going off on Levi? Well, this morning I was reading an article about Sarah’s resignation and it linked to the moron, so me being the curious creature that I am, I clicked. Big mistake on my part, I should have left it alone because it set me off on an obsessive trip on trying to understand what is so great about this kid (is that OCD part of me that could not let go).

Not only is the kid trying to get a book deal, he is trying to become an actor and a model. He has already appeared on the cover of GQ magazine.

Article after article it just took me further down the spiral of absolute disgust of how socially retarded modern culture is.

He is not the only one that has me scratching my head. There are others. But he is the one that I decided to pick on today.

There is so much more going on in the world that needs more attention than this irresponsible child. Instead of concentrating on getting a real job or maybe going to school so that he can provide a real future for himself and his spawn. He is trying to cash in on a cow that in my opinion is dry. If you did not get the memo Levi, your 15 minutes are up. Leave it alone before you end up on a reality TV show with the rest of the wash up’s.

That is all.

Ciao xoxo,

Dissolved Girl


Meandering Mel said...

But a reality TV show is what he is wishing for!!

Can you post about shoes next? I'm shoe retarded and need a fix!!!

Dissolved Girl said...

hahahaha.... Actually, I do have a shoe post in mind. I was going to put it up this morning but the higher powers that be at work have almost every site blocked so I could not get picture's (I am surprised this still works).

I will post tonight.

Stephanie said...

I think it's even weirder that his sister tattooed his name on her wrist. Weird family.

Michelloui said...

And there will be people who will watch it!!!! Argh!!

Dissolved Girl said...

They are a weird bunch period.