Friday, May 15, 2009

Slow Week

I have been slow with the posts this week because I have a house guest that was supposed to be here for a 3 day visit but has extended itself for two weeks (I am sure everyone knows those type of guests). The chi in our apartment has kinda shifted. Does not feel like home right now and therefore has put me in one of those moods where I do not want to do anything. You know what I mean?

But on a happier note, I will be going home this weekend. It is only a day trip but a day trip is better then nothing. By the time I get back, our house guest will be gone and all will go back to normal.

So my dear street vendors, yummy pizza, crazy people, and stinky subways, I am coming home!! woooo hooo....

I wish you all a great weekend and I will return back to my normal blogging self on Monday!

Ciao! xoxo
~ Dissolved Girl


Whit said...

hey i just got the orly bonder :)

M.Kerkmann said...

I can actually say that I haven't had a guest like that, but I had a friend (and I am using that term lightly now...) who got so plastered while staying at my place, that he terrorized the neighborhood.
Because of that night he, along with Bicardi 151 are now banned from my apartment.

Oh! And I've missed you. :)
(All your posts about nail polish got me to paint my nails and toes. Hahaha!)

Tariro said...

Home is where the heart is :]
You'll feel great

Anonymous said...

Yes, looking forward to more nail polish posts upon your return ;)

Have a fun and safe trip!