Sunday, May 24, 2009

New York, New York

Last weekend I went home for the day to hang out and just get out of DC for the day. Since Mr. P or Ms. J could not take the trip with me, one of my other friends came with me on my adventure.

We spent the day walking around the city and just acting like tourist. It was a great time and cannot wait to do it again. I even got to go to one of my favorite museums The Guggenheim.

Here are some pictures from my trip:

I took a picture of this ugly toy because it reminded me of something. I will give you a clue, I named him Mr. Blue Balls. hahahaha..... I am really five years old and a pervert. I did not know that they made toys like this for kids. Geeez.

~Dissolved Girl

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Yumeko said...

hahahah tat doll is so cute!!!