Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sometimes I just want to scream...

I like to keep my blog light and happy but today is just one of those days that I need an outlet to vent.

I work in an office where I am the only female and lately they have been treating me as the freaking admin of the office. Mind you, I do not mind helping a fellow co-worker but I do not like when my kindness is taken for weakness and they try to take advantage of me.

They know that for the first two hours of the morning I am not to be bothered. This is the time that I spend answering calls, emails and taking care of any other clerical stuff of mine that I have to do.

So why this morning while I am on the phone with one of my tenants I have an asshole standing in front of my desk talking to me? He sees that I am on the phone but he has no care in the world and is just mouthing off about something or another. I try to ignore him and talk over his voice so my tenant can hear me. He still does not get it. Then I start to wonder, does the guy have rocks for a brain?

I finally cannot take it anymore so I put the person on hold and ask him what he wants? The incompetent asshole starts to rant about his phone not working, when I realize what he is blabbing about I cut him off and tell him to contact the telephone company.

See we do not have an admin, because of the economy the company let the admin go and decided that we are such a small office we can each take care of our own admin needs. So if that is the case, why is this man coming to me about this shit? Not only is he coming to me about this, he is being rude about it.

Because of his attitude and the way he came at me. I told him to piss off. I would have in a different occasion helped him out with his problem, because lets face it, he is a guy and most of them are clueless on how to go about fixing things like this. Actually, I should not say clueless, I should say LAZY.

He left my desk red as a tomato and I am sure he is in his office right now cursing me out. I do not care!

Moral of the story, do not bother me before I am done with my coffee or before I am done with my morning to do list unless the building is burning down or someone is about to die but even then I am no doctor so call 911 and do not bother me.

That is all. Hope you all have a great day.

Until next time, Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl

*Picture's credited to here.


M.Kerkmann said...

Jeez. Men are so retarded sometimes!

I'm sorry, and I hope that maybe trying the Nivea Creme will help out your day. :) Or just get yourself a pretty bottle of nail polish. :)

Another tube of moisturizer that I have is from The Body Shop. It is their Vitamin C with SPF 15. It's $20 a tube (1 tube being 1.7 oz), which means it's horribly over-priced, but my skin just soaks it right up, and I don't have a single problem with it, except it's price. :)

(I confess, my friends cousin used to sell their stuff, and when she stopped selling it, my friend and I split up what the cousin didn't sell. I would NEVER spend $20 on a tube of moisturizer... not matter how good it is!)

Persequi said...

From now on, I would suggest you take your coffee early. Maybe you should have someone wake you up with it while playing the Folger's cup theme song in the background?

Lulu J said...

I know your life sucks right now but I had to say the pic of the Kitty in the roller set was adorable! The Pics were so cute I forgot what I was reading about hahaha!

Dissolved Girl said...

I am so guilty of buying expensive creams. The cream I bought over the weekend is the last one I will buy. I am putting my foot down.

I hope someone does wake me up with a cup of coffee in the morning. I do not want the Folger's theme song playing. But I will take the orchestra from Coming to America that would wake up Eddie Murphy in the morning. Do you think the neighbors would mind?

I tried to lighten up the post with the cute picture's. hehehehe... But they did display everything I was feeling in a cute way. :-)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

gah men can be scum sometimes
i used to be the only girl in my office too and sometimes they forget and try to boss me around, bastards!