Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Spy with My Shoe Eye

I lust:

Alexandra Neel Cleopatra Fringe Stiletto Sandals $770

Those shoes are pure love.


I will settle for:

Black Finella Fringed Heel

It is almost a crime to settle for that shoe but it has the same elements as the Alexandra Neel Shoe, Fringe and straps. Do not get me wrong, it is still a nice shoe but I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it does not even hold a light to the Alexandra Neel Shoes.

Also, I must note that the "settle" shoe was on sale for $4 freaken bucks on the site that I first found them at! Can you believe that SH*T? ARGH! Then I found them on Torrid and they cost $40 there!!

If I would not have been at work when I saw that I just might have screamed!

Until next time, Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl


M.Kerkmann said...

You're right, the pink ones are incredible! The black ones, I'm not sure I like the fringe as much. Each strand is too long, and would most likely end up getting tangled in my toes...

Smirking Cat said...

I actually prefer the black ones! :)