Sunday, March 8, 2009

Econo Chic: The Weekend Getaway

So you all saw my last week post on the basic manicure and I said that this week I will talk about a low budget weekend getaway for you and your main squeeze. Well wait no more! Below is my planned $620 weekend getaway trip to Bath, West Virginia.

We will be going to the quite town of Bath, WV. Bath in the early years was a popular destination for our first President George Washington because of it's mineral springs. The town of Bath or how it is better known Berkley Spring is now still a popular resort area with four full service spas and a notable art community. So if you are looking for a quite, relaxing, artsy, spa filled weekend then you have got a winner.

*Picture above is of Berkley Springs Castle

Now on to the expenditures:

Bed and Breakfast:

We will be stay at The Highlawn Inn Bed and Breakfast. I have stayed here before. It is a beautiful inn that sits on a hill. The room that we will be staying in has queen size iron bed, fire place, Whirlpool for two, sitting area, separate bathroom, TV and VCR. They have movies, books and games in the common area of the house that you can use or you can bring your own. Breakfast is served in the main house and the food is YUMMY! They do not have dinners, there are some times during the year that they do provide dinner so check with them when you make your reservations.

Cost for two nights: $230 ($390 left of our $620 budget)


We will be going to Atasia Spa for some massage goodness. We will both be getting a 45 minute massage, then I will be getting a facial.

Cost for massages and facial including 18% tip: $187 ($203 left of our $620 budget)


Will be at Fairfax Coffee House. We have not decided what we will eat but from experience we will not spend more then $20.

Cost for Lunch: $20 ($183 left of our $620 budget)


We will be having dinner at Corner Steak & Sea. After looking at the menu I figured that we will be spending $50 for dinner that night. If we decide eat something different it still will be around the same price range or less.

Cost of dinner with tip: $50 ($133 left of our $620 budget)


We will be driving to our retreat. As per map quest the Inn is about 100 miles from where we live. So we will be able to make it there and back in a full tank of gas. To fill up the tank once is $25 so I will double that because I am sure we will drive around.

Cost of gas: $50 ($83 left of our $620 budget)

So now that the basic and most important parts of our trip was covered we are left with $83 for any miscellaneous things we may want.

So there you have it our $620 weekend getaway. Now don't you want to go and give yourself that manicure and put that extra money away for that romantic weekend with your lover boy?

For those that do not live near Berkley Springs there are many places that you can go to close to home that are kind on the wallet. It takes a little digging but at the end it is worth it. Look for bed and breakfast's, Spa's, Wineries, even beach towns. I have traveled all over the US and lived in many countries so if you would like some ideas feel free to email me and if I do not know I can at least point you in the right direction.

Fun Travels Darlings!!

Until next time, Ciao! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl


Iyah said...

this getaway sounds awesome! Lucky you, you got the compact :D

Dissolved Girl said...

Yeah, I cannot wait. I love weekend getaways!