Sunday, July 6, 2008

Games Imitating Life

So I have an addiction to the Sims. Yes ladies and gents, I am a Simaddict. I mean why not? I get to run the lives of an imaginary person or persons. I can create the look a likes of people that I dislike and ruin their lives in the game or I can create people that I care for in my life and just have fun with them in the game. Another perk is I get to build houses. It is so much fun. But I have a problem with this game.

The family that I created just so happens that the daddy and the mommy have the same career. They are both at the top of their career but the mom has been at the top longer then the dad. Well, when they come home from work I noticed something, take a look at the screen shoot, can you tell?

Remember they both have the same exact job and they are both at the max of their careers. Give up?

The dad makes more money then the mom. Nevermind that she has been doing the job much longer then him. Do not get me wrong, I am not a crazy feminist. I will still play the game, I just thought it was funny how the game is imitating life.

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Persequi said...

That's right. You should earn less than me!!!!