Thursday, April 17, 2008

MAC Dresscamp Collection and other jibberish :-)

Sorry guys that I have been M.I.A but things with work have picked up, I was taking an advance hair cutting class, taxes and packing has pretty much taken my time. Because of all this I have not had time for my hobby which as you all know is everything Beauty more specific everything MAC.

So this morning I wake up and I think “YES, today they release Dresscamp, let me go order She-Gold” when I sign on I see that everything is sold out!!! I am like WTF? So of course I sign on to Specktra and come to find out they early released the stuff on the 15th!!!!!! So now I am like a crack head that has not taken a hit in a week looking for the lipglass. Of course it is on eBay but they are asking for 125894568746774 dollars for it and I am not paying a whole lot of cash for it. **sigh** I am so sad. Oh Well, I guess that is more money for the other collections.

Speaking of other collections… Read my next post.

Bye, Bye Dresscamp... **Cries**

**Image gotten from the MAC website**

Ciao!! xoxo

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