Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aretha and Natalie, I love you but shut the F*ck Up!!

The Grammys my favorite award show and only award show I bother to watch aired this past Sunday. This is the night that I see some of my favorite singers get awarded for the fantastic work they put forward. One of the top winners of Sunday nights Grammy extravaganza was Amy Winehouse. She took home 5 Grammy's that night and I could not be happier. The girl even with all her issues and horrible stage presence is one of the best new artists to emerge in between all these so called singers that mostly sound like nails on a blackboard (think of Rihanna and her ear bleed song Umbrella ). She has a wonderful unique singing voice, soulful, jazzy infused melodies and bad girl image fits her to the T. Her bad habit like many other artists is drugs, which she is finally seeking help for. Thank goodness!! Good Luck Amy!!

Now enter the great Natalie Cole, I LOVE this woman. Like her father before her this woman has the voice of an angle. But, why are you hating on Amy Winehouse? Please tell me that the reason you are hating on Amy Winehouse and do not think she deserves any of the Grammys she won is because you feel she has no talent. Though, I would disagree with you if that is the reason but alas you are entitled to it. But we all know that is not the reason. The reason you are hating on Amy is because **GASP** she is on drugs?? **GASP** Oh Natalie, Natalie, do you think we have forgotten your past? Do you think we have forgotten the junkie that you used to be? Did you forget that we know that you were not only on LSD but on heroin and crack? My dear crack head, that was not that long ago. You battled your addiction for FIVE years before you finally kicked it. You think we forgot? During your junkie years you won Grammy's. Did you suddenly get amnesia? So for you to open your mouth and start hating on Amy Winehouse not only is it hypocritical YOU my dear are the last one that should be talking. So if you feel Amy does not deserve those Grammy's maybe you did not deserve yours and should return them? PLEASE STOP THE HATING. I Love You.

Now it brings me to the next person I am going to rant about. Aretha Franklin. Woman, every time I hear you sing I get goose bumps down my arms. So many times I have sung and danced to your songs growing up. You have won countless Grammy's and have been honored with achievements awards. You have done some wonderful things for music. You are with out a doubt the Queen of Soul. So, what is your beef? I know you are mad at Beyonce but by being mad at Beyonce for calling Tina Turner the Queen you are essentially hating on my woman Tina and that just does not fly with me. Tina Turner is indeed a Queen; she is with out a doubt the Queen of Rock and Roll. See the difference? You are the Queen of Soul and she is the Queen of Rock and Roll, therefore the title Queen fits her perfectly. While you, Aretha have had countless Grammy's and many number one songs, Tine Turner is one of the biggest selling artists or all time. She even surpasses you. She has been able to rise above many obstacles from spousal abuse, to drug abuse to being homeless and penniless even though she was a popular and successful performer. To top it all off, Tina is only THREE, I repeat THREE years older then you and she looks at least 10 years younger then you. She can still dance better then a 20 year old, has a killer body and man oh man can she sing. So explain to me, why do you not think she should be called Queen? What is the reason for your disrespect? Your ego and greed is unbecoming for a Queen. She deserves that title just as much as you deserve it. Instead of complaining you should have been congratulating her. For all that she has done, for being able to rise above all her hardships and to become one of the greatest artists to walk this earth. Not stealing away her spot light and pouting like a child. Aretha, please darling show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I Love you.

~ End Rant.

Ciao!! xoxo

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