Saturday, May 1, 2010

That Weight Thing

I have really slacked off on my weight loss goal. I keep saying excuse after excuse as to why I cannot go to the gym or even eat properly. I want to loss weight, but there is something in me that does not want to do anything about it.

The good news is I have not gained all the weight back that I lost. Since my last weigh in I have only gained two pounds. While that is a small victory, it is still nothing to celebrate since I should be a lot closer to my weight goal.

In a month I will be running a new project at work. I will not have available to me all the eateries that I have now. So the temptation will no longer be there to eat all the bad for you food. I will now have to bring my lunch to work everyday or starve.

I also need to start going back to Weight Watchers. I have thought many times about cancelling my membership but I know I need it. They are very helpful and it works! All I have to do is follow the plan!

I have made a list of what I need to do, what my weakness is when it comes to accomplishing these goals, and what needs to happen in order to not let my weaknesses keep me from doing what I need to do.

1) Working Out
Problem: I was working out in the mornings, but that is just not working out (hahaha...). I am NOT a morning person.
Solution: I have to stop kidding myself about this morning work out thing and just work out after work. I need to take my gym bag to work, a snack such as yogurt or fruit to have before or after working out to tie me over till dinner.

2) Lunch
Problem: I do not take my lunch to work. I always forget to pack it or I am just plain too lazy to put it together. I need to stop relying on Mr. P to fix my lunch.
Solution: When I go grocery shopping buy easy to make lunch stuff for the week, which I can just take to work and have it there. This way I do not have to worry about fixing lunch in the morning or trying to remember to grab the lunch bag. It is helpful that in my new office I will have a full size fridge and pantry space. Making this solution very feasible.

3) Cooking Dinner
Problem: While mostly we have been good about this. There are those days that we do slip up because it was a rough day or we are too tired, etc. There is nothing wrong with those days, the problem is we order out and that just messes us up.
Solution: Always keep easy and quick things to make in the fridge. When ever possible cook ahead of time for the week. Mr. P and I need to sit down before we go grocery shopping and plan our meals for the week. That way we are always ready.

4) Weekends
Problem: Mr. P and I have too much fun stuffing our faces while we are out. While it is ok to have an off day and go out to dinner, lunch or breakfast one day out of the weekend. We need to stop doing it on both days of the weekend and for every meal. Or if it cannot be helped because we are away from home make healthier choices, then running to our favorite Mexican restaurant and stuffing our faces with the most fattening stuff on the menu.
Solution: Plan for the weekend. A lot of the times Mr. P and I know what we are going to do any given weekend, so there is no reason why we cannot plan what we are going to eat. We need to plan better and stick to it.

4) Weight Watchers Meetings
Problem: I do not get my butt to them. Main reason is because I do not want to see the number on the scale when I know I have not been following the plan.
Solution: Follow step 1 - 4 and I wont have a problem with weigh in.

If you have read this far, I am sure you have realized that the theme in order to be successful on this weight loss thing is to PLAN AHEAD. Planning and sticking with the plan is the key to being successful. We will always have other temptations, but we need to remember why we are doing this. We are doing it to live healthier lives and fit into the mountain of tiny clothes in the closet. :-)

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


Michelle said...

I can certainly relate! Those are essentially all the same reasons that I have staying on plan. Well, that and cheese. I love cheese.

Meandering Mel said...

Good luck girl!! I hate trying to force myself to exercise and the shitty weather here isn't helping me much. I started out with just changing what we buy, and phasing out the crap and junk in our house. (Although, we still do splurge) I don't even buy bread that has high fructose corn syrup in it! Eating healthy will also help manage your stress. :)
Good luck, I'm here cheering you on! (Even though I'm absent 90% of the time... haha)

Lillian Funny Face said...

Good luck! I'm having a problem with my diet too. I want to lose weight but it's just so difficult to constantly have to be good and always choose carrot sticks over a tasty bun or whatever.