Saturday, September 19, 2009

Look at what I found....

I did my Friday G Street Fabric run to check out what new fabrics came in for the discount bin. When my eyes fell on this:

Does it look familiar?

The fabric has the same pattern as the fabric on the dress worn by Miranda in the Sex and the City Movie.

When the movie came out I loved the dress and I found it, but it was too rich for my blood so I skipped buying it.

Well, Now I can make my version of the dress. I have decided on this dress pattern:

I am going to make dress "A", the pint and black dress.

I really loved the Miranda dress but I was never excited about the longer sleeves. I always thought about how much better the dress would look with cap sleeves like the dress pattern above. What do you think?

On other news, I have been quiet because I have been keeping myself busy with different projects. For example this weekend I am taking a jewelry class and it is a blast! I will tell you guys more about it tomorrow evening and show you guys photos of what I made.

What is going on with you guys?

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl

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carlyjcais said...

EEeeeek! You lucky gal!! I've been keeping my eye out for that fabric since I saw the SATC movie! I can't wait to see how your dress turns out!

And good luck with the Precious Metal Clay...I actually prefer Art Clay Silver cuz it's a bit cheaper and faster to fire.

Thanks for the comment on my blog!