Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wishing upon a Star

I am back at work today and to keep my sanity I am posting in between doing work related things.

So I decided to do a wishlist of things I want. Also, I will be posting some inspiration pictures.

Of course a wish list from me would just not be a wish list with out SHOES!! hehehe...

I LOVE these shoes. Too bad they do not have my size anymore.

These Bakers boots are great. Very Gucci. They also do not have my size, not that they would fit since I have the calves from hell!

A rainbow petti-coat a la Patricia Fields. This I can make and will be making to wear to the No Doubt concert.

I want this Tarina Tarantino necklace. It is loud and a little obnoxious. I love it. Maybe I can make one myself? hmmm...I really do not want to pay the almost $300 price tag for it.

That is about it for right now on the wish list end. Of course next month I will have a whole new set of things I am loving. By the way, all the shoes listed above I got from the Bakers Shoes website. They are having a sale right now so go check them out.

Now moving on to other things. I saw these pictures on the Nylon Magazine website and I am loving the Circus themed shoot. To see the rest of the pictures go to the website.

My WTF item of the month is this:
Cashmere Anime Sweaters. These puppies start at $1000 each. Are they f*king kidding me? There is no way in god's creation that I would pay that much for that. I love cashmere and have paid a pretty penny for stuff in the past but these sweaters look like crap. ARGH! I bet you next they are going to wrap shit in gold and try to sell it as fashion. Or have they done that already?

Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl

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black vanilla rose said...

Lovely blog... I want that rainbow petti-coat!! how awesome is that xx