Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gladiator Wedges

I thought I was over the whole "Gladiator" style shoe and I never was really a fan of the "Wedge" shoe. I do not even own a pair. To me the wedge is just another thing put out there for those that do not know how to walk in heels and are too lazy to learn. But I guess I rather see a bunch of people in wedges, then girls walking around in heels that they clearly cannot walk in, looking like they are about to fall over any minute. I even have a few friends that have tried to turn me over to the dark side, telling me to buy a pair but I have held on to my 4 and 5 inch stilettos with all my might.

Before you start throwing cyber tomatoes at me, I know that not all girls that wear wedges cannot walk in regular heels. That is just what my crazy mind thinks when I see them.

Now enter Chrissie Morris with the super sexy and super cute "Sistep" (pictured above). They are these delicious suede gladiator wedges that are a part of her 2009 S/S collection. Her whole line for this season is to die for. All those Egyptian inspired lines, that even the glamorous Cleopatra would have approved of.

I find it incredibly funny that I fell in love with a pair of shoes that have both elements that I do not care for. I think that is karma getting back at me for being such a "Gladiator" and "Wedge" snob. I wonder if this will now open the flood gates and I will start to see other wedges or even gladiator shoes that I like. I actually caught myself recently eyeing Ann Demeulemeester gladiator shoe from her 2009 S/S RTW collection. Yepp, it has to be karma.

I of course will not be buying it. Chrissie's or Ann's shoe. The price tag is too rich for my blood, but you know that I will be hunting down a shoe that is similar to the Sistep. So keep your eye out because once I find them they will make an appearance on my shoe spy posts.

So what do you think of the shoe? I would love to hear your take on it.

Until next time, Ciao!! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl


M.Kerkmann said...

Being a major fan of skate shoes, and Doc Martins (seriously, don't shoot me!) and anything flat, versus anything with a heel, I think they look kind of silly. Especially the wedge, I like the Gladiator part just fine (even though I wouldn't ever wear them), but the wedge looks... like I said: silly.

Then again, I have the fashion sense of a rock. :)

Dissolved Girl said...

Nothing wrong with liking the flat shoes. I have learned to feel comfortable in then ever since I started working in the field I am in. I work for a Real Estate development firm and I am always in construction areas and going into places that if I wear heels I am asking for death or a broken bone or two.

Now as for my love of these shoes, I usually tend to like the bigger then life shoe that the normal human from planet Earth would never wear. Me being from planet Weird, it is in my DNA to love these shoes. :-)

Glendy said...

OMG I need wedges so bad, they are more comfortable than thin heels, running around and walking in NYC is literally foot torture but I think I'll keep my eye-out for wedges for this spring, my feet are suffering from all the thin heels, and I don't think they are silly, they are simply more comfortable ;)

Iyah said...

Ohhh! gladiator sandals! Ive seen lots of these being sported by lots of people :D

Oh girl thank you for the website, I will look into buying it.. but not now! hahah! Gotta finish my new concealer :P

Dissolved Girl said...

Glendy- I remember all too well my days in NYC walking around in my heels. I used to get home at the end of the day and soak my feet and beg the SO to give me foot massages. Hehehe.. I am spoiled in DC because you have to drive every where, so no more barking dogs for me. LOL

Lyah- You will LOVE the concealer. When I tried it out I went home right away and threw out all the other stuff I had. LOL