Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Metro Male Monday and T-Shirt Tuesday

So this week continues Crystal Couture done by the Crystal Bid.

Last night was Metro Male Monday. I did not get to stay there very long due to the fact that I was starving and I was exhausted from a full day of work. I did get to check out the vendors that were there that night and I got to try some great Scotch served by a man wearing an awesome Kilt. Have I ever told you guys I love a man in a Kilt? YUM!

The first designer showing their wears was Siddih. Their designs incorporated the peace sign on all their shirts. You can see some of the shirts from the show on the slide below. As usual my picture's are not that great but once the SO has his pictures uploaded sometime this weekend I will put up a slide with all the picture's from the shows we attended.

Tonight was T-shirt night, hosted by Art Whino, again I did not get to stay for the whole thing because I had to take the SO to the airport. I am not one to wear T-shirt's out unless I am slumming it but after the T-shirts tonight I may have one or two rotating in my wardrobe. Iky Clothing, JMC/Dekka where the two designers I saw tonight night. Check out there sites there wears are pretty cool. I even wore my HRC t-shirt that was designed by Christian that I spoke about on Monday. I do not have a picture of it yet but I will have that up on the end of week slide.

Enjoy the Show!

Until next time, Ciao!!

~ Dissolved Girl

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