Thursday, June 26, 2008


It has been a while. I do not know where time went. One minute it was June 6th the next minute it is June 26th. Where did the last 20 days go? Is like every year time moves faster and faster.

So, what has gone on in the world since last I blogged? (click on the pink words to read the story)

- George Carlin passed away on June 22, 2008 from a heart attack.
- Boy George is banned from entering the US. hahahahaha....
- The lost Amazon Tribe that was "discovered" a few months ago was just a hoax.
- Kanye West is crying yet again. Geeez, someone get him a tissue.
- Don Imus is in trouble again. When will he learn to keep his racist comments to himself?
- World of Warcraft's version of Paris Hilton. I just had to add that here, I thought it was funny and I like to play WoW.
- A woman makes history. You go girl! I salute you!
- A man puts his life up for auction.

So what else has been going on? I know I have not even touched the surface but it is quiting time at work so I am going to end it here.

~ Ciao!!

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