Monday, June 30, 2008

Carrie's Studded Belt

Sarah Jessica Parker wore this beautiful belt in the Sex and the City movie and I fell in love instantly and so did Carrie because that belt makes just as many appearances in the movie as the girls themselves. Actually, I can safely say it almost out shined the shoes in the movie.

So for those of you interested in getting a replica of Carrie’s vintage belt from the movie here are a few websites you can look into.

- Patricia Field: You can buy an exact replica of the studded belt on the Patricia Field site come Mid July for $120.00. You can reserve your copy on her website
- Shop Intuition: For $250.00 you can also pre-order the belt for August delivery.

Want to get a belt that is similar to what she wore with out the hefty price tag? Check out these sites:

- Mossimo Pyramid Stud Belt $19.99.
- Hot Topic Three Row Pyramid Stud belt $22.00.

Happy shopping ladies! Let me know if you find other look alike belts in the comment section.

~ Ciao Bella’s, Stay fabulous!

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