Thursday, May 8, 2008

Land of the Clones

I am getting the itch again to cut my hair. I have been growing it for a little over a year and it is now about mid way down my back. I have started looking at hair magazines and fashion magazines to see what is in and to get some inspiration for what I want done on my hair this time around. I try not to stick to what is in style too much, I usually take different elements of what I like in a hair cut and make my own version that is suited for my style and functional for my way of life. Being in the beauty industry and even before then I have always been very picky with my hair and even so much more with my stylists. So When I find a stylist that works for me I stick to him or her like glue.

My hair stylist is Spike from the salon Aquilano in Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. He is just fantastic. Not only is he a great stylist, he is a very nice person. So for those of you that are in the DC area and you want a to go to a great Salon, I highly recommend that place. Spike is the owner of the place and is always booked but the other stylists are just as great.

Anyway, back to my hair dilemma; as I am searching online, in hair magazines and fashion magazines all I see is a sea of the Rihanna and Victoria Beckham bobs. Mind you they are not the first people to sport that cut (yes people, Rihanna, Victoria and their hair stylist are not original or innovators either. They did not come up with this cut) but that is what people recognizes them as. Everyone and their mother is sporting that god forsaken hair cut. Do not get me wrong, it is a cool hair cut, but for the love of god people stop it. You all look like a pack of clones. Do something original and creative, stop being a robot. It really wont hurt. Trust me!

Welcome to the land of the clones. Where everyone is boring and everyone lacks originality.

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