Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trench Coats and Kate Middleton

Ever since Kate Middleton was thrown into the spotlight there has been an obsession by some to follow her every style move. I really do not care what the woman wears but with the fact that I spend a lot of time reading fashion magazines and websites I cannot get away from it. So it is no surprise that I eventually saw a picture where Kate is wearing something that I love:

Burberry London Ruffled Wool Trench Coat.

Of course it has sense sold out and even if it were not sold out there is no way that I would be buying it because we all know the price tag associated with a Burberry Trench. So I just saved the picture away in my inspiration folder knowing that at some point copies of the Trench will start to appear and appear they did. The only problem was I was not willing to pay $226 at Nieman Marcus for this:
But I have found one that is within my price range and looks more like the Burberry than the one above.

That is a more agreeable price and it is just as cute as the Burberry. Also, you can get it for much less if you take advantage of the discount that New York and Company currently has, like if you buy just the trench you can $30 off the price. Not bad right?

What do you all think of Kate Middleton's style?

Ciao!! xoxo

Dissolved Girl

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Andrea said...

I'm glad you're back! :) I don't follow the fashion mags so I'm not really familiar with Kate's style. I do really like the trench coats and I think I have an old McCalls coat pattern that is pretty similar. I love when it works out like that. :)