Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming Posts

I have a lot to blog about. I was going to do several posts on Sunday but the power went out and by the time the power came back on I was ready for bed. Here are some of the topics I have up and coming:

1) Weekend Crafts: I did not make a whole lot this weekend due to the power outage. But I did manage to make a few things

2) Jewelry: I made a few new pieces

3) A few new blogs: On Swap-bot I did this awesome swap where I discovered some new blogs. We were suppose to check out 10 but along the way I saw others that I liked, I will be blogging about them in the next day or so.

4) Postcards: I am becoming addicted to postcards. I will share with you a few very awesome ones I received in the mail recently.

Alright, those are the main things I have planned for the week. Also in between I will have my normal Hump Day Video and Shoe post. This week I will not have a nail of the week due to the fact that I am giving my nails another break.

What are you guys up to? How was your weekend?

Ciao!! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


~*Yvonne*~ said...

I love postcards, too! Do you like scenic postcards, or weird random ones?
I used to collect scenic ones until I realized that theyre all the same after a while. So now I like random weird ones. :) -Yvonne from swapbot!

Dissolved Girl said...

I like collecting weird random ones. But lately I have been getting some great scenic postcards.