Friday, May 21, 2010


Below you will see my top three sofa picks for our living room. I want a sofa that is under $500, pretty, and comfortable. As you will see the first sofa is over $500. I am considering it because it is my style and super cute. We just need to do the sit test before I fully commit to it.

1) White Leather Karlstad Sofa, Ikea $879.00This sofa was not on my list. But I saw it on Apartment Therapy a few days ago and I loved it and it quickly became my #1 choice. The only thing I do not like about it is the wooden legs, it just does not go with it. But after further investigation I can easily change them to something that will go more with the style of the sofa.

2) Red Ektorp, Ikea $479.00
This is my 2nd favorite sofa. This used to be my 1st favorite until I saw the white leather sofa. It is comfy, it is in my favorite color and the cover can be changed if I feel like changing the look of it.

3) Korndal Medium Gray fabric Karlstad, Ikea $479.00
This is the fabric version of the leather sofa above. It is a nice sofa, but the white one is better. I put it on the list because it is very similar to the white one and cheaper so I would like to take a closer look.

So which one should I get? 1, 2, or 3?

Ciao!! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl

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Meandering Mel said...

I LOVE the look of the red couch. :)