Saturday, January 16, 2010

Interior Design: Dinning Room and Bed Room

After our very fun day in Baltimore (more on that tomorrow) I spent the evening day dreaming of how I want my next dinning room and bedroom decorated.

Below is a set I put together via Polyvore of my future dinning room:
My Next Dinning Room
I love the idea of having a rooms with a simple round white table, ghost chairs, grey walls and a bright red case. The chandelier I saw in Domino magazine when it was still around. The dishes are from Anthropologie, and the wine glasses from Crate and Barrel. The pictures are from Ikea, I already own the Audrey picture so I would only need to buy the Eiffel Tower picture.

This is exactly how I want my next bedroom to look like:
It is right out of the Ikea ideas and inspiration section of the site.

What do you think?

Ciao! xoxo
~Dissolved Girl


Michelle said...

I love the color of the walls in the bedroom. And the starkness of the white dining room table and ghost chairs would be really striking...I went the opposite direction with my dining room and have a black table and chairs, and a black floor. People thought I was nuts when they saw the floor I bought, but I LOVE it!

Meandering Mel said...

I really like the IKEA layout. They have such good ideas for stuff.

(I'm doing my very first giveaway, check it out Sat morning)