Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Box of Happiness

Today I got my new nail polish shipment from Trans Design. The excitement I am feeling over my new package of happiness is so big that I just want to bust out of work and get home to do my manicure.

Mind you I just did my manicure (I will have the nail of the week up tonight, I forgot my camera computer cord to upload the picture), so there really is no need to do my nails again. But I really want to try the new OPI Matte nail polishes.

I have been waiting to try these since I heard about them. I only wish that they had a Matte black nail polish color. But I guess we can’t have everything. Or I can just go and buy the Zoya Matte nail polishes. Zoya’s collection of Matte nail polishes only has three colors. The colors are black, red and like dark grey color one. You can go see the swatches at the Nail Juice blog. I believe that MAC Cosmetics is also going to come out with their own black matte nail polish. But I cannot remember right now, I will look into that and let you know.

I do not have a picture of my little package because like I stated before I left my camera computer cord at home but I will add the picture of my nail polish haul later tonight when I get home.

What is your take on this new Matte Nail polish trend for the fall?

Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl

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