Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Sandals Part Duex and Poll

I cannot stop the sandal search. I have gotten deeper into the quest of finding the perfect summer sandal. So instead of an Eye Spy post today, I am going to have a poll going on. I got on the Baker's Shoes website and I saw all these sandals:

Sandal #1:
Sandal # 2:
Sandal # 3:
Sandal # 4:
Sandal # 5
They are having a sale right now on sandals, buy one get the second 25% off. What is a girl to do?

I am going nuts! I like them all! I do not know which to get. Which sandal should I get? Please vote to the right. Pick the number that corresponds with the picture on this post. The poll will be open till Saturday.

Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl


M.Kerkmann said...

I'm not into flowery shoes, so... I vote for numbers 1 and 5. 5 is my favorite. :)

Maide said...

Oh...these black sandals with the flowers are beautiful.
Love it :-)