Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NYX Sale

Like make-up? Like NYX? You do not have any money to spend on a lot of make-up? Well head on over to the NYX site. They are having one of their crazy massive sales. I did not get anything because 1) I have a lot of make-up already and 2) I just ordered some Lime Crime make-up. Which I am super excited to get and will do a FOTD when the shadows come in.

Sample of what they have on sale:

30 eyelashes for $24

20 double sided eye pencils and 10 liquid eyeliners for $22

11 lip glosses and 8 eyeshadow trios for $27

Seriously, head on over to the NYX site if you want to get good quality for a cheap price.

Happy Shopping!

Ciao!! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl

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