Monday, April 27, 2009

My Make-up Collection

I thought I do a post on my make-up collection, since it is 2nd to my shoe obsession. These are the pictures I currently have. There is more to the collection but not too much more so I figured this will do. Sorry that the pictures look a little dark. If you have a question about anything let me know.

Where everything happens, My Vanity: I have made a few changes since I took that picture. The bench now has a pretty blue floral print cover and I got a better make-up mirror.

My Blushes:

My Eyeshadows/Palettes:

Eyeliners, Shadesticks, Mascaras,and Eyebrow stuff:

Paintpods and Pigments:

Make-up brushes and holders:

Face Stuff:

Other Misc. Stuff:

I saved the best for last.

Lipsticks and Glosses:

I have more make-up then what is listed above. Also, I am on a make-up diet. I am trying to keep my make-up buying to a minimum. :)

Next collection post will be of my nail polishes.

Ciao! xoxo

~Dissolved Girl


M.Kerkmann said...

Holy mother of god!

Can I be honest? I only own about 7 different colors of eye shadow. One 1 of which I regularly use - Most of which were inherited from my older sisters (I know...)

3 Tubes of mascara - My favorite being my Mary Kay one.

And one compact of blush. I got lucky in the skin department, and prefer not to gunk it up too bad. :)

God. I am still amazed at your stuff. That's freaking impressive!

Tammy said...

What a cute vanity!!!!!!!!! I'm drooling over all of the makeup porn! Loves it!!

Emz said...

Omgosh HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY OWN THAT MUCH MAKEUP??? sorry that wasn't a mean question I'm just amazed lol. Are you a professional??? Cute vanity!

Make up madness said...

cool clooection! you have so much i have only really been collecting for a year, and its getting there, i just became a follwer, please check my blog out and please follow if you like. thanks