Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy Fun Day

Woke up very early to go see the Cherry Blossoms today, but of course it was not possible because they were having some race that had a bunch of roads closed and when we finally made it downtown it was impossible to find parking. Mr. P feeling the force in the atmosphere changing (I was starting to get aggravated) decided that it was best we go home. I could not agree with him more. I did get to take a couple of picture's of the Cherry Blossoms, you can see them on my previous post.

Once we got home I set to work making jewelry. First I fixed the Hello Kitty earrings. I decided not to go with the lever-backs but I did change the earwire to better ones. I did change the jump ring to a smaller one. I also made a Hello Kitty bracelet.

These next earrings were ordered by a lady in the building where I work. They are silver with turquoise beads.

Then I went on to do the following necklace and earring set. Mixture of turquoise beads and black glass beads.

Last but not least is my baby blue Swarovski Crystal, Czech beads and Faux baby blue pearl earrings. I am making a necklace to go with it but I am not done with it.

Aside from jewelry making, Mr. P and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and have a small cook out. So we went out to buy a few things. When we got to the grocery store we parked next to this:

Do you see what is wrong with that picture? The person is parked in the sectioned off area where you return your shopping carts to once you are done with them. Mr.P and I had a huge laugh over it. I wonder what went threw the mind of the guy in charge of bringing in the shopping carts to the store when he saw this?

Well, that is all I have for today. Sorry for the crappy jewelry picture's but I really wanted to show you guys and see what you all thought. The better picture's will be up on my jewelry blog in the next day or so.

How was everyones weekend?

Ciao! xoxo

~ Dissolved Girl

P.S: Did any of you see the Fast & Furious movie this weekend? If you have not I suggest you wait for it on DVD, it was alright but not worth going to the theater and spending $12 a person to see it.


Ms. Butta-fly said...

I always wanted to learn jewelry making. At least I've aquired pliers and can fix them lol. You do fine work.

My weekend was not too bad, did too much shopping. Which I am happy about but the guilt is killing me. :D

Iyah said...

Helllooo kitty!!! :D I think I will jump into the bandwagon and start making my own jewelries. Its just so fun to look at all these pretty creations :)

Oh, & if you wanna know who the swapper from hell is, look back again on my comment section & you'll see who she is :P

Yumeko said...

pfff u say i am a crafter! u make WAYYYYpretty things!