Monday, July 28, 2008

There's a skinny girl inside of me screaming to get out, I keep her sedated with chocolate

So I have survived my first week on WeightWatchers and I am happy to say I am alive and have not eaten my arm off. I have lost 1.2 pounds which I had expected to loose more but at least I lost something, right?

It was a very interesting weekend for me because I learned while at my meeting that I was a victim of identity theft, which sucked big time. Now I have to remember what I auto pay so I can change all my payment information.

Last week all I could think about was food and all the different things that I wanted to eat that is not good for me. Mind you some of the stuff I have not had in months but because I am now on WW my mind is playing tricks on me and it wants it all.

This week is looking better now I am not thinking of everything I want to eat now I am just thinking of the food I am going to have and looking forward to eating it.

I also found out something interesting at WW on Saturday. Because I was so surprised that I only lost 1.2 pounds on my first week (last time I was on WW I lost 5 pounds on my first week) I asked the lady what is so different now? She asked if I was drinking all my water, I told her that I drank my water with Crystal Light and she said the fact that I did not drink any regular water could be the reason why I did not loose more weight. She said just because the CL (Crystal Light) does not have any points does not mean you should drink only that all the time, is like you would not wash your fruit with Ice Tea would you? That made perfect sense to me. So beginning yesterday I have been drinking my water with out any flavors in it. Yesterday I drank all the water required and so far today I am on track. Let’s see if I see a little more change on the scale on Saturday.

I am also supposed to exercise. Last week I got on the elliptical 3 times for 20 minutes each time which is really good but I have to step up my game and do more.

On a different note, yesterday we unpacked the last box from our move! wooo hoooo…. Now all we need to do is finish organizing the place which it is about 95% done. Hopefully, I can do one day a week so next weekend I can just chill and not spend it cleaning and organizing again. I am so excited our apartment is looking fantastic. \

Pedro’s birthday is this week and he has yet to tell me what he wants, so I decided during lunch this week I am going to head to Pentagon City Mall and see if I can find him a little something, not going to get anything major because of the ID theft issue and waiting to get all that cleared up but hopefully I can find something really nice for him at the mall.

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