Monday, July 21, 2008

My Virtual Model

So yesterday I started Weight Watchers and though I am happy that I am doing this I am already miserable. I have never been so hungry as I was today. But it is all for a good cause, I will be able to fit into my old clothes and I will be able to be healthier too.

I went on the prevention website and I created a virtual model. One is of what I look like and one of what I hope to look when I loose all the weight.

This is me now (No I will not tell you how much I weight) the funny thing is I do not look this fat. Like this cartoon or whatever you want to call it looks fat but if you see me people do not believe that I am the weight I am. I am not just saying that, ask anyone that knows me:

This is how I hope to look:

I will attempt to keep a journal about my progress. It will be a rough trip but it will be totally worth it. I cannot wait to fit into my skinny clothes again!!

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