Thursday, May 29, 2008

WARNING: I am BORED so there will be lots of ramblings..

I have so much to do but I am not in the mood to work today so I find myself here just typing away trying to kill some time.

Man am I hungry! I have not eatten anything today unless you count a cup of coffee and water as a meal.

Today the upper management is having a meeting about staffing. I heard it getting pretty heated in there when they started to talk about me. I do not know if that is a good or bad thing. I could not hear very well what they were saying but I guess I will have to wait till it is all over and I can go ask Liz what was up. It would be really nice to have some help.

I do not know if you all read the Yahoo featured news articles but this morning when I logged on I saw that Muskogee, Oklahoma elected a 19 year old freshman from the University of Oklahoma. I believe he is the youngest person to hold a political seat in the country; the youngest person before him is the current mayor of Bloomsburg, PA, he is a 22 year old college senior. I tip my hat to both of them for running for mayor but the 19 year old actually ran against someone else and won, the 22 year old got it by default because no one ran against him. I bet the person that ran against the 19 year old feels like a faliure.

Man, I should run for Mayor, would ya'll vote for me? :-) I think I am going to start putting together my campaign! Rosie for Mayor!!

~ Ciao Bella's! Stay Fabulous!

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